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YoInvoice cashflow feature-1

Reconcile invoices

Our AI powered recon engine automatically maps your incoming and outgoing invoices with the relevant transactions.

Track payments from your customers

Get notified when you are paid. Our system will highlight the remaining unpaid overdue payments, making accounts receivable collection easier than ever.

Supplier payment reminder

The system will remind you when a payment is due. It can be configured and automated based on your payment strategy.

YoInvoice cashflow feature-1
YoInvoice cashflow feature-2

Real-time business reports

Keep track of your business in real-time, using automatically prepared reports

Know your liquidity at all times

Detect suspicious business transactions instantly. Keep an eye on your liquidity threshold.

Categorized income and expenses

Custom categories tailored for your business, with over 93% accuracy enabled by AI and machine learning.

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Planning and forecasting

Worldline 2019 Award winning AI powered forecasts. Fully automated.

Fully automated forecasts

Without any manual input, the system automatically creates a baseline forecast based on your spending and earning patterns as well as past data of customers/suppliers, frequency and amounts.

Plan, Budget and Control

Compare your planned costs/earnings with your actual figures. Setup different financial goals for the coming year.

YoInvoice cahsflow feature-3

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