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No trade off

Before we started our own company, we also were accountants, financial controllers, developers and managers.

We don't believe in the typical business software trade-off, which usually gives you a choice between fully fledged functionality but at the price of usability or a really light product but at the price of scope. Thats why we started Yolly. A business solution to create the best experince of both worlds. We hate repetitive work as much as you do

We understand your pain

We worked in and with small businesses around the world. Our international founding team has seen similar problems everywhere.

Most business processes are still managed in a very manual and sequential manner. No matter if you have a business in Asia, Europe, Africa or America badly maintained excel spreadsheet are still the most up to date insight into your company. It is time to move into the next century of financial management. Let us help you discover the advantage of real time and automatic business insights coupled with sleek UX and a beautiful UI.

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